Business Class Donates to Charity

Middle School Business Class Donates to Charity

A group of Wantagh Middle School students learned a dual lesson about entrepreneurship and community service. They used their profits from running the school store to donate to the John Theissen Children’s Foundation.

On March 22, students from the eighth grade Business Management class boarded a bus and made the trip a mile south to Theissen’s headquarters on Wantagh Avenue. Mr. Theissen told students about his foundation’s origins and the annual work it does to support sick and underprivileged children across Long Island, including the holiday toy drive.

The Business Management class is in charge of running the school store and the students serve as sales associates. The parent of one of the students donated food and candy, which was sold at the store over several months. Proceeds from the sales were then used for a charitable donation. Teacher Nancy O’Connor said students were asked to pick a charity, and they selected the well-known, local organization. They presented Mr. Theissen with a check for $500.

“We wanted to support his organization because he’s a very kind person and he gives toys to kids in need,” student Nick Salamone said.