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Hoops and Dollars at Middle School’s Heart Fundraiser

Posted Date: 03/07/2024

Hoops for Hearts

For nearly three decades, Wantagh Middle School students have shown their commitment to heart health by raising money for the American Heart Association. This year, their donations exceeded $6,000, and the fundraising effort culminated with a basketball competition.

Hoops for Hearts began with preliminary rounds in physical education classes throughout February. Students who raised money for the American Heart Association were eligible to compete for a spot in the finals. On March 1, nearly 30 class winners competed in a basketball game of knockout. Eighth graders filled out the bleachers to cheer on the finalists. The walls were also covered in red and pink paper hearts on which students wrote messages or encouragement or tributes to family members who had heart disease. 

Seventh graders Ava DeVita and Lucas Tartakoff emerged as the schoolwide champions. The three top individual fundraisers were also recognized – Victoria Guber, $795; Landon Fusco, $750; and Maisie Stachlik, $368. 

The 28th annual Hoops for Heart was organized by physical education teachers Deb DiBiase, Thomas Liguori, Eileen Keener and Gary Reh. During their classes, they educated students about the American Heart Association and how the money is used to help people with heart disease, in addition to giving students tips to maintain their own health.

“We want to convey to them how to live a healthy lifestyle and have a healthy heart,” Ms. Keener said. 


Hoops for Hearts

Hoops for Hearts