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Welcome to the Middle School Health Office

Mrs. Hildi Dzigas RN
Mrs. Tracy Brady RN

FAX: 765-4329


Any student who needs to leave, take, or self carry medication in school needs to have a new doctors order for their medication at the start of the school year: This includes prescriptions and over the counter medications such as tylenol

Students who self carry inhalers and other medications must have medication forms filled out to indicate they can slef carry-medication form and self carry form can be found on this website

Please see vaccine requirements for 2022-2023 under the forms banner on left

  • 6th graders will need to show proof of TDAP and 2 varicellas-chicken pox for school entrance
  • 7th graders will need to show proof of receiving the meningitis vaccine- menactra for school entrance

Parents!! Please check with your child's doctor and provide the nurse with updated immunuzations immediately upon school entrance in September!!

If we do not receive updated vaccinations for 6th and 7th graders within 14 days of school starting they may be excluded from attending school

The school doctor will be in on June 8th at 10am for fall physicals- students must sign up in the health office and have the health historu questionnare from family Id printed to see the school doctor

Please report any contagious illnesses directly to the nurse these incluse: covid 19, flu, strep throat, pink eye, ringworm, chicken pox, impetigo- please call nurse for instructions on returning to school with any of the above illnesses

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